Does my business need a website?


If your business grew up without a website you may have these thoughts


My business is already working and i don't feel a need to have a website. Do i actually really need it?


I get my customers offline.Having a website is in the bottom of my list


Here i will fill all the uncertainitiies for you

In XXI century almost all businesses have a website and statistically having a website is proven to improve customers and brand image of a business.Why is that?


1. Having a website shows you as more professional

In todays day everyone has a phone and people constantly google things. Finding your business in google will put a positive image in the mind of your customer and show you more truthworthy. Customers see businesses without websites as less professional


2. People search you on internet

Another advantage of having a webiste is creating a place for you customers. There is a reason that lots of busineses put a huge investment on SEO optimization. More than 90% of people search in internet for their needs. And the business they find on internet is ususally their first choice


3. B2B, Industrial and Production included all the sectors of trading are influenced by a digital website

Majority of businesses that don't have a website think that their field is not online. But it is wrong. 75% of B2B customers say that their choice of business is hugely dependent on the the content of the sellers website. And 62% of B2B  businesses say that that they only sign a contract with businesses that have a website


4. 75% of customers admit that their idea of truthworthiness of the business is hugely dependent on the design of the company's website

Not having a website will decrease truthworthiness of your business in the eyes of the clients. In the business field truthworthiness is one of the biggest factors. But still it is better to be careful. A website with a bad design can give your business more harm than a benefit


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